Roboat: Application of Autonomous Boat Technologies to Tackle Urban Porblems

Roboat is a 5 year research project and collaboration between the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In developing the world's first fleet of autonomous floating vessels for the city of Amsterdam, it investigates the potential of self-driving technology to change our cities and their waterways.

As urban food systems are becoming more globalized and consolidated, increasingly centralized networks involving fewer individual actors are supplying a growing proportion of the world’s food. The challenge of providing a sustainable urban food system requires addressing the divergent local and global development pathways in the way food is produced and consumed.

Recognizing that family farmers, smallholder producers, restaurateurs food enthusiasts or even ordinary citizens play a key role in feeding cities, the proposed system intends to help to maintain resilient and equitable local food systems by using the dormant canal systems once again to connect Amsterdam to its surrounding areas.