In collaboration with Tsinghua University and Jiao Tong University, this studio brief on Industrial Urbanism, an urgent concern in China where rapid urbanization has destroyed much of the country’s traditional culture, explored how industrial buildings can be meticulously repurposed to adapt to a changing economy and society. Shanghai’s Minsheng Dock, located along the Hongpu River, was developed in the late 19th century, when it was considered to be the most advanced port in the region. Abandoned in 2005, the site preserves warehouses, industrial and port facilities, including rice grain elevators. Our team proposed to transform this 25 acre site into a Food Innovation Center as an anchor institution that integrates the research, production, experience and culture of food to create a vibrant waterfront. We presented the proposal to the mayor’s office in Shanghai to inform future developments for the site. (Link)

Collaborators: Pamela Bellavita, Grisha Enikolopov, Waishan Qiu